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Rogers Super-Stoc Spartan

Rogers Spartan Super-Stoc
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The Rogers Super-Stocs "RSS" (Also known as the Super Stock) are the ultimate refinement in AR/M4 stock technology. The Rogers Super-Stocs are the most stable, collapsible stock available due to the innovative cam-lock system developed by Bill Rogers, famed shooting instructor, inventor of holsters, target systems, and other related products, and his staff of engineers.

The patented cam-lock system completely removes any slop or play inherent with collapsible stocks. Once the desired stock position has been selected, the stock can be locked down solid simply by depressing the cam-lock lever upward. Pressing the quick-release lever will disengage both the cam-lock, and detent pin, allowing you to quickly readjust the stock position.

The innovative Rogers Super-Stoc or RSS fit system also removes the guesswork involved with buffer tube sizes. The RSS stocks will fit both a Mil-Spec sized buffer tube as well as a commercial sized buffer tube with a few simple adjustments. The RSS Spartan weights in at only 5.2 oz, it is among the lightest stocks available, but rugged enough for the most extreme combat use.

Enjoy the same function and stability on the RSS Spartan as there is on the original RSS Deluxe. They have just taken it down to bare bones. The RSS Spartan does not have a removable butt-pad. Instead it has an integrated heavily checkered butt-plate. This reduction of 5/16” makes it great for use with heavy jacket or body armor. It also lacks the QD (Quick Disconnect) Bushing on the lower part of the stock's frame that comes standard on the Deluxe model. That being said, it is over 2 oz lighter than the Deluxe model and just as durable, at a great cost.

The Rogers Super-Stoc is the most advanced rifle stock currently available.


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