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Quick Attachment Systems


Safariland’s Quick Attachment Systems represent the coming together of our innovative technology and your need for versatile modular products that allow you to work faster, easier—and better. Products are available in three categories:

  • MOLLE Locking System (MLS)
  • Quick Locking System (QLS)
  • Equipment Locking System (ELS)

Originally designed for the military to quickly transfer holsters from the leg to the vest, the QAS family has now gone beyond military use to include law enforcement, concealed carry and sporting applications. The QAS family is just what you've been waiting for, whether you need to adjust holster location to conserve space while boarding an APC or quickly switch out magazine types before the latest 3-Gun match. There's nothing like it. And it's available only from Safariland.

Molle Locking System (MLS)

  • The MLS provides a holster or accessory with a quick, easy, and secure attachment to any MOLLE loop-equipped apparel.
  • It allows for quick removal and installation between attachment points, such as the MOLLE vest, belt loop, or tactical leg shroud without the use of tools.
  • May also be used to mount in vehicle, home or business and allows many types of Safariland holsters and accessories to be mounted at various positions and angles to suit the needs of the user. Holstered weapons and accessories can be removed without removing apparel, such as vest, leg shroud, or belt.
  • The MLS is designed to break away at 140 lbs per military specifications.

Quick Locking System (QLS)

  • The QLS provides users the ability to easily and quickly remove and secure their weapon without having to remove the gun or electronic discharge weapon (EDW) from holster. Great for situations like correctional institutions and courthouse appearances.
  • Effective for concealed carry in ease of transferring gun from body to other mounting points, such as vehicle. Allows the user to mount almost any Safariland duty holster on an equipment belt with use of the Safariland UBL.
  • Provides a highly versatile holster system with a quick, easy and secure attachment to a variety of locations – belt, thigh rig, furniture, or vehicle, etc. Can also be used with the Safariland MLS 16 Accessory Locking Fork for attachment to MOLLE vests.
  • The QLS System passes Level I Retention pull test.

Equipment Locking System (ELS)

  • Provides a mounting platform for any tactical or competition accessories to be placed in various locations, including belt clips and tactical rigs, or directly on MOLLE loops with the use of an MLS 16.
  • The ELS 34 locking fork attaches to any tactical or competition accessory, including the 774 Rifle Mag Pouch, 78 Slimline Dual Magazine Pouch, and 773 Competition Magazine Pouches.
  • The ELS 35 receiver can be attached directly to the pre-cut mounting holes on the 4332 ELS Tactical Belt or 032 ELS Competition Belt.
  • A quick pinch of the thumb and index finger allows the removal of any product attached to the receiver unit, ELS 35 for attachment on any other ELS 35 location.
  • This product is very useful in quickly switching out accessories while maintaining the same root product, for example you can could switch such as a magazine pouch for a grenade holder, or dual stack competition magazine pouch for a single stack mag pouch.
  • The ELS maintains a very small receiver footprint (17⁄8" W x 2 3⁄4" H).