Front Sight Scrapes Holster
Front Sight Scraping on 7TS Holster It appears that you are rotating your wrist as you draw the pistol upward, putting pressure on the muzzle of the weapon, toward the front of the holster, before the muzzle clears the top of the holster. In essence you are rotating the muzzle of the weapon before you are actually moving the pistol forward toward the target. This is much like the draw stroke we used to use while drawing from a front break holster. You may try and slightly modify your draw so that it more conforms to the "modern technique" popularized by Rob Leatham in the early 80's and taught by most of us presently. The only real difference is that you will keep your wrist locked at the same angle the pistol is in the holster until you have lifted the pistol a bit higher than you are presently doing before you start the rotation toward the target and before you start any forward motion of the pistol. This allows the support hand to engage immediately while the pistol is close to the torso and in a more guarded position. I call it the "Transition Position" . This also puts the weapon in closer peripheral eye contact with the slide aligned directly under the dominate eye and at the hit spot on the target. As you start to drive the pistol forward out from this position the mind has the ability to achieve better alignment well before the pistol is at final presentation. The draw may appear to be slower but you are actually able to shoot a more accurate shot faster because the mind has more time to align the pistol before it is actually extended. If you try this technique you will find that no part of the front sight will engage the inside of the holster. My book, Be Fast, Be Accurate, Be the Best, more explains the process. I hope it helps. ---Bill Rogers