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Rogers Ultimate Bore Squeeg-E™ Gun Cleaning Kit

Bore Squeege Gun Cleaning Kit
Price: $79.95
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The Rogers Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System is the best gun cleaning system on the market. It revolutionizes the cleaning process and completely eliminates the need for patches or swabs and cleans better than those traditional systems as well! Leaves a mirror finish inside your bore with a single pull. This complete kit comes with everything you'll need to clean guns from a .22 pistol up to a 12ga shotgun. Just think, the last cleaning kit you'll ever have to buy and NO MORE PATCHES!

How to clean an AR-15


  • Kit Bag
  • Medium Nylon Bore Brush
  • Small Nylon Rifle Brush
  • Small Nylon Pistol Brush
  • Medium Nylon Brush
  • 12ga Nylon Brush
  • Small Nylon Brush
  • Large Nylon Brush
  • Combo Nylon Brush
  • Flat Nylon Brush
  • 6 in Brass Rod
  • .17 cal Bronze Brush
  • Tomahawk Brush
  • Two-Sided Pick
  • Rogers #1 Advanced Bore Cleaning Solution
  • Rogers #4 Premium Lubricant
  • 12ga Shotgun Bronze Brush
  • .30 cal Bronze Brush
  • .22 cal Bronze Brush
  • .45 cal Bronze Brush
  • .40 cal Bronze Brush
  • Bronze Brush Carry Tube
  • Bolt Tail Cleaning Tool
  • BTCT Drill Driver Att.
  • Bore Squeeg-E in all calibers
  • Pistol Length Pull Cable
  • Rifle Length Pull Cable
  • Cable Attachment Screws
  • T-Handle for Pull Cables